4 thoughts on “No. Just no.

  1. Huh. I dunno, Mark, I think I’ll be taking that custard cream. I’m genuinely surprised by the shots of her making the paintings, but she shows a lot of obvious control in the way that she was scattering paint and sticking toys and masks and such onto the canvas with varying degrees of imposed order. The main issue is what she’s been set up with. I guess the average four year old isn’t going to be given a canvas of the size she was getting and thus it won’t occur to them to stick anything larger than macaroni onto it. If all toddlers were given such free range (with such a large variety of things to stick) perhaps the notion of this girl’s status as prodigy would be severely lessened. Maybe not.
    The uncomfortable truth is this: art is as valuable as the price people are willing to pay for it.

  2. No biscuit for me, as we’ve already discussed. The screen punch was an instinctive flinch as soon as the girl started speaking in that ridiculous voice, anger instilled before I even knew the context of the video. It seems to me that you could do far worse than spending a fiver in Ryman’s on permanent markers in kick ass colours, stick some bread and water in the bathroom and lock your nephew in there for a few hours. I’ve already drafted a sign for the front garden and I’m close to finishing the admission tickets, but this could turn into a cash-rich walk-in gallery overnight and you’d only have yourself to blame if you stifled the poor man. You could even call yourself his ‘agent’ if you like, and don’t feel too bad about steering him away from the yellow/brown colour family while he’s decorating the bathroom, it just makes sense.

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