Want to know what I’ve been up to this summer? No? Well tough. I’m going to tell you anyway.


2 thoughts on “Travel

  1. I’m disappointed, I wanted to hear what you’ve been up to this summer, yet there doesn’t appear to be much here. I understand that it might be slightly difficult to write a great deal about this summer as it is only the 5th Day of June, meaning we haven’t actually had much of it yet, but technically British Summer Time began on 25th March 2012. Which has definitely provided enough time to have something worth writing about here.
    Maybe you should stop concentrating on the hat.

    • Mark Burton says:

      It’s going to disappoint you even more that I should have written this about a year ago, when I actually did go travelling…you’ve stumbled across my most accomplished piece of procrastination so far: an entire year has passed and I’m yet to write a solitary word.

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