Day 5: I can see the light

I bet light is delicious.

I am now 5 exciting hours away from being able to legitimately eat as much as will go in me. This is probably the only thing keeping me going now.

Today has probably been a low ebb in terms of actual eating. I seem to have taken a very childish attitude with myself, along the lines of “If I can’t eat nice things then I won’t eat anything at all”. Strangely, I’m perfectly at peace with this.

As an example, here’s what I had yesterday:

8 slices of bread – 16p (yes. 8.)

2 Freddos – as discussed previously – 20p

1/3rd jar peanut butter – 20p

Apple – 12p

Total -68p

And here is today’s effort, including the dinner I’m about to have:

3 slices of bread – 6p (I ran out of bread so I had one round of sandwiches with a bonus slice in the middle)

Peanut butter – 10p

Apple – 12p

Rice (100g) – 4p

Soy sauce (splash) – 2p

Chilli flakes (about 4) – 2p

Coriander (weeny amount) – 5p

Total – 35p

So adding up my spend for the week, and including 60p for the random day I forgot to cost up, I’ve spent a grand total of £2.75 this week.

This is not good. I’m tempted to go out and get a Big Mac to even the costs out.

I won’t though, don’t worry.

I can conclude that I can’t have eaten properly this whole week, but I think that comes with the territory. Speaking to others doing this, you just get bored of food, bored of eating. You know you’re hungry but you just don’t particularly care. Most emotions have been replaced with a shrug of the shoulders and a feeble “meh”.

I’m probably going to leave it there for tonight, apart from the callouts from yesterday and today that I missed.

I also realise I’ve got no exciting pictures to put up any more, which I know is the main reason you all come here, so I’ve decided to offer you this picture of a guinea pig in a hat to feast your eyes on:

You’re welcome.

Like the guinea pig in a hat? Maybe you should give me some money…


Wow. Quite a few again. Tonight I say thankyou to Leo Harbord, Poppy Riddle, Isabel Cameron, Clare Turnbull, Zach Pepper, Harvey Whiting, Auntie Jane, Sara Gill and Katie Rose. Here’s a little known fact about each of these people, which may be somewhat deficient in objective truth:

Leo Harbord – Is a world champion jazz-skateboarder. It’s a niche sport but she dominates.

Poppy Riddle – Poppy is fluent in nine languages and once taught a cat how to sew. It was hard work, but the result was fucking adorable.

 Isabel Cameron – Isabel can recite π to π places. It’s a real feat. She can also make fine garments from moss and assorted cheeses.

Clare Turnbull – Knows how to create sugar-free sugar, but is not going to tell you how. Rears crows in her spare time.

Zach Pepper – Hates pythons for no apparent reason. Once beat John Lennon in a game of Scrabble.

Harvey Whiting – Has invented an entirely new way of saying the word “water”. Refers to himself constantly as ‘The Harvinator’.

Auntie Jane – I’ve decided that family members are exempt from the fact-making-up process. And that’s a fact.

Sara Gill – Non-whimsical this one, but Sara and her buddies have also been living below the line! Nearly there now guys…thanks for the support!

Katie Rose – Sings opera to newborn babies. When questioned just makes a faint roaring sound. Has secret plans to lay waste to her enemies’ lands and plunder their loot. Refrains from bringing this up in general conversation.


That’s all from me tonight folks, have yourselves a fine Friday, I’ll write a final bit over the weekend once I’m full of deliciousness again…it’s so, so close.

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